Triphla Ras 500 ml

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500 ml
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1.Triphla ras is useful for gas problems.

2.Useful for costipation and indigestion.

3.Looks after urinary disorders,dieseases due to Kapha Dosa and Pitta Doas.

4.Helps in tastelessness and intermittent fever.

5.Helpful for impaired digestive fire.

ग़ुण :- कब्ज, वायु विकार, संग्रहणी, अफरन, यक़्रत दोष, एवं अपच मे लाभकारी है इसका प्रयोग त्वचा मूत्र रोगों और कफ, पित्त रोगों मे भी किया जा सकता है।

सेवन विधि :- 5 से 10 मिली0 (1 चम्मच) भोजन के उपरांत प्रयोग करें या चिकित्सीय परामर्शानुसार लें।

Triphala Ras is useful in stomach Gas, Constipation, Digestion, distension of abdomen due to abstraction to passage of urine and stools, Urinary  disorders, diseases due to Kapha Dosa and Pitta Dosa, diseases of skin,impaired digestive fire(Acidity), testelessness and intermittent fever.

Ingredients:- Extract of Triphala (Amla, Harad & Bahera)100% w/w

Directions:- Take on spoon after meal or as per advice by the physician.

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